Write a Letter To Show Appreciation and to surprise & delight

Robinson Greig analyzes why handwritten letters can also be an important form of communication for his generation and why handwriting could actually make a comeback for relationships that really matter. Using state-of-the-art communication tools like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook is obvious for a generation that is used to speed and efficiency in communication everywhere.

In addition social networks have made it possible to interact with a lot more people than every before. But nevertheless the average human is still only capable of having 150 (real) friends (the Dunbar Number).

So although Millennials don’t have any deep-rooted connection to handwriting at all, it is very likely that they appreciate this wonderful way to communicate and invest in a human relationship once they perceive they segment their “3.000 Facebook friends “ by the importance of their human relationship (like e.g. close friends or their core support groups).

Special people merit a special form of communication and sending a handwritten letter „carries value not just in thoughtful content, but in context.“

And of course sending hand written letters won’t become the medium of the day-to-day conversations of Millennials, but the author is hoping that they will make a comeback for those very special and important relationships as a smart addition to all the other daily fast & efficient interactions.

There is simply a big difference between being a “Facebook friend” and someone really important in your life.

Source: Slow down and write me a letter. — Life and Philosophy — Medium