Why You Should Stop Emailing And Send A Handwritten Letter Instead

Why You Should Stop Emailing – and Send A Handwritten Letter Instead

Andy Bailey believes that effective communication is essential and the need to convey emotion and information is fundamental to the way we interact. But in our ever-connected world, brusque emails, limited tweets and terse phone calls have become mostly the standard when we communicate with others. As a result one of the most important and meaningful means of traditional correspondence, the handwritten letter, has lost ground.

Nevertheless handwritten letters and notes can be a way more effective tool than many social media tools if used correctly. In this context he primarily relates to job hunters.

A – thoughtful – handwritten letter sets you apart from everyone else, it will help you stand out from the crowd. Also when hunting for a job. In any case a handwritten letter can have a profound impact on someone else.

But Laziness, lack of time and bad handwriting are reason that people actually don’t send such letters, despite knowing the impact these letters have on people. In addition Andy Bailey believes that most people have simply forgotten about the power of the handwritten word.

Andy Bailey’s thinks we need to unplug and start writing – on a real piece of paper – again, because:
It’s a novelty and your message is very likely not to be lost in the digital oblivion.

It’s tangible. You can hold it. Pin in it to your wall etc. Made to last. It forces you to consider and reconsider what you want to say, more than any email. It takes time, relearning to have patience and being thoughtful.

Nothing says care, concern, congratulations or contentedness like a letter, and that is something you can write home about.

In an age where handwritten letters are almost obsolete, your colleagues, friends, family and business connections will relish the feeling of receiving a personalized letter.

Andy Bailey is lead entrepreneur coach with business coaching firm Petra and serves as the entrepreneur organization’s global membership director.

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