Why Handwritten Thank-you Notes Leave a Lasting Impression

Business Etiquette Expert Jacqueline Whitmore published an interesting post about the importance of handwritten notes in todays tech world.

She thinks that a handwritten thank-you note is a small touch that has the potential to leave a lasting impression. She confirms that for the most part, technology is incredibly beneficial. You can do a lot more in less time. It allows you to be more efficient and effective. But there are drawbacks. Faster communication has reduced the level of personal connection in daily interactions especially when you express gratitude.

Jacqueline Whitmore believes that handwritten notes may be sent for any occasion, after a meeting with an important customer or client, when you receive a gift, or when you’re invited to an event. In order to ensure a positive response, Jacqueline recommends to keep your thank-you notes short, simple, and meaningful.

Source: How to Write an Unforgettable Thank-You Note | Entrepreneur.com