Retaining Customers in the Digital Age With Acts of Kindness

Scott Gillum published an article with the title “Retaining Customers in a Digital World” in CMO NETWORK on where we explains how important emotions are for consumers.

Acts of kindness are a simple way for companies to show to their customers how important they are to their success.

The Accenture study “The New Realties of “Dating” in the Digital Age” confirms that it is getting harder and harder for companies to please consumers.

Customer service expectations have been increasing consistently with 44% of consumers saying their expectations are slightly or much higher than the previous year.

Behavioral economists tell us that economic decision-making is 70% emotional and 30% rational.
It’s the emotional side of the decision-making process that creates connected, passionate, engaged customers.

Handwritten notes can be relevant to consumers as they leave a positive impression and may be even stimulate word-of-mouth.

Feeling appreciated can be much more powerful than coupons as it has the potential to create an invaluable assets called truly connected and engaged customers.


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