Leveraging a Personal Touch to Enhance Customer Service

Stan Phelps published an interesting blog post about the critical topic of customer experience.

He rightly states that the concept that “One timely deed is worth ten thousand words” (James Thomson) represents is brought to life in customer service when you send handwritten notes.

The unique personal touch “speaks volumes about warmth and competence, especially in todays digitized world.

One of Stan Phelp’s favorite examples in this context comes from Gary Vaynerchuk. In his book, Thank You Economy, Gary shares the story of Wufoo an online HTML form developer that sends handwritten thank you notes to its customers. Gary talks about Wufoo, the online HTML form developer sends handwritten thank you notes, sometimes crafted out of construction paper and decorated with stickers:

For more real time customer engagements, when the hypothetical value of over a million words per minute matter, Stan Phelps proposes to consider that brands are starting to leverage video to enhance customer service and provide a personal touch.

Source: How to Leverage a Personal Touch to Enhance Customer Service