How to overcome attention span noise while prospecting

“Attention span noise” is limiting the possibility of people to absorb, elaborate, understand and let alone consider information provided by others. This daily noise is the result of all the ads (radio, TV, magazines, web etc.), social media alerts, cell messages, solicited and unsolicited emails/calls a human being elaborates every day.

This interesting blog post by BASE CRM makes reference to the fact that sales prospecting is more time consuming and difficult than ever because of this daily noise phenomenon.

Many prospects literally protect themselves against all the unsolicited and mostly low quality telemarketers, emails etc. by establishing physical barriers (info gatekeepers) and rigorously deleting emails of unknown individuals.  In his blog post Paul McCord proposes to consider the following approach in order to find a way to stand out from the “noisy” crowd.

  1. First, concentrate your efforts only on real prospects (ideal customers, compelling events, real value, real pain, budget etc.)

  2. Cluster all those prospects into 3 individual groups depending on their current needs

  3. Use a portfolio method for managing these different groups, individualized communication methods, relevant content. Tailor made vs. “one fits all approach”. You need to be creative, think about innovative ways to “stand out”, on the basis of a laser sharp value proposition for your prospect.

  4. Don’t forget that breaking through the noise isn’t a one-time process. Studies have shown that it takes anywhere from 7 to 11 contacts for the average prospect to respond.

Why Sales Prospecting Is Harder Than Ever, And What To Do About It