How HEX Built A Thriving Business With Handwritten Notes

How HEX Built A Thriving Business With Handwritten Notes

HEX is a niche online shop that focuses solely on fashionable products that protect your high tech gadgets. In this post Micah Solomon explains how important on a psychological level especially two parts of a customer interactions are for the ability to remember.

The brain creates a mental snapshot for future recall on the basis of the beginning (“Hello!”) and closing (“good bye”) of a customer interaction. Obviously you can only make once a first impression…but how many companies are focussing on the “end part” of the interaction?

“The end, as much as the beginning,… can have a real effect on how customers view your company in days and months to come.” HEX has been able to built a thriving business based on stellar customer loyalty through 13,000 thank you notes that concluded each customer interaction in a memorable way.

Leveraging handwritten notes has proved to be extremely valuable for HEX and Micah Solomon believes that thank-you notes need to fulfill the following characteristics in order to maximize impact:
make a reference to the actual interaction or reason that you’re thankful. “Thank you for being a customer” isn’t really enough.

Be a bit of a surprise.
Not have anything commercial in it.

Don’t make it deadly impossible to respond and have your reply-to info either printed on the card or you can hand-write it on there.

Source: How 13,000 Handwritten Thank-You Notes Built A Thriving Business