How sales and marketers can use handwritten mail to win customers

In the digital age, sales and marketing teams face a strange paradox. We are able to communicate more than ever, but at the same time, it’s getting more and more difficult to spark true feelings with the recipient. That’s why it’s important to remember old-school tactics, like personalizing communication through mediums like handwritten mail.

An “emotionally charged interaction” should be the goal of the brand message. Humans won’t retain information if it’s sent without emotion.

But in our non-stop interconnected world, authentic emotions are rare. When we have the opportunity, being genuine is both memorable and irreplaceable.

Why handwritten mail is a very effective B2B sales tactic

There is no denying that current digital marketing measures like social media are important, but digital media is not a comprehensive strategy when it comes to business to business (B2B) lead generation and customer acquisition.

It is hardly surprising that even B2B marketing experts are extremely skeptical of lead generation through social media tools.

According to a survey that polled over 500 pay-per-lead advertisers:

    • 67% of the participants preferred classical outbound methods – live events, trade shows, inside sales or telemarketing.
  • Only 22% described strategies like social media marketing as effective.

On the other hand, customer testimonials rank highly for B2B lead generation. Positive word of mouth comes from attention to detail and learning how to delight a customer best.

Email marketing doesn’t work with decision makers (anymore)

Gatekeepers make it difficult to get in contact with the leadership ranks. And, even when you can get over these hurdles, it’s likely your decision-maker won’t take time to listen to you. According to InsideView, 92% management-level employees don’t respond to mass emails or cold calling. Not to mention, in many countries stringent sales email laws make it illegal to send cold emails.

Modern technology makes it even easier to disregard outbound marketing. Technology can’t evoke the same emotions that personalized outreach can create.

Reaching a higher response rate by sending handwritten letters

No one wants to waste their time by sending messages that go nowhere. So how do you get people to react?  As it turns out, the appeal of handwritten mail is difficult to ignore.

Danish mortgage bank BRFkredit had issues getting their customers to respond to them. Emails and direct mail weren’t getting through to their customers.

This challenge makes sense. In BRFkredit’s industry, many of their customers have financial issues. Mail from a bank can equal stress. Still, BRFkredit needed to get a response from their customers.

As a solution, BRFkredit changed their direct mail strategy. They replaced their usual envelopes with simple white ones without a logo, the address of the recipient written in handwriting by one of their employees.

This extra level of personalization had a major impact. As a result, they achieved an unparalleled response rate of 90%. BRFkredit states they were able to bring the homeowners it addressed back on their feet. Engaging with the bank saved customers (and the bank) between 100 and 150 million Danish Crowns (18-27 million USD) – a true success for all the involved parties.

Stop sending emails, write letters instead

Prominent business coach, Andy Bailey, recommends all business professionals stop sending emails, write letters instead – on real paper and by hand.

This is because carefully crafted handwritten mail makes the sender stand out.

Handwritten mail is physically tangible. It can be touched, pinned above the desk or kept in the planner. These components make handwritten notes memorable. This is starkly different from an email which is easily disregarded.

Handwritten letters are rarely sent any more, so the recipient is more likely to open it than an email and more likely to feel pause to discard.

Taking time to show true appreciation is a winning strategy in the digital age.

The distinctiveness of communication by letter starts with the act of writing itself. While wielding a pen, you choose your words very carefully, since there’s no button to erase them again. We like sending emails and only notice after sending that we pushed “send” much too hastily.

A letter demands time and patience, the writing process decelerates. And the fact that you took time for somebody shows appreciation – which is also felt by the recipient.

Your digital private secretary takes care of the paperwork

But, what if you can’t find the time for handwritten letters in day-to-day life? What if it’s not possible to write all the letters or cards you’d like to, by hand, because of the huge workload? There’s no need to miss out on all the advantages of the handwritten letter.  

While nothing can replace sending a self-crafted letter, if you lack the ingredients like neat handwriting, time to write and mail, stationery and post stamps, Pensaki is the perfect service for you.

Pensaki is 100% online which means you can directly send 1 or 10,000 letters at the click of a button.

The digital private secretary takes care of making the personal message a reality – in a natural looking handwriting. Thereby the essence of the classical and social paper medium comes to life – “emotionally charged interaction”.

See how Pensaki can help you win customers today.