Imagine waking up in the morning, as you crawl to your letterbox to check the mail. And to your excitement, you find a few handwritten cards! Not only that, but they also come with a personalized “thank you” message. Now you are smiling, and also starting the day with a positive attitude.

That is exactly the gift you want to be sending your customers. Internal Bliss.

You need to remember that people are social creatures. We are also all capable of feeling and expressing emotions. Therefore, by showing appreciation and gratitude, you can also connect with your customers on a deeper, more personal level.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to send all your customers handwritten cards expressing your gratitude.

A simple “Christmas Greetings” message is not what you show set out to achieve. It is all well and good to create a giant billboard poster and plaster on there a quick festive message. But when it comes to establishing a fundamental business relationship, you need to also be more intimate with your customers. You must also treat them like they are a part of the family.

Here are a couple of interesting facts acquired by the Lab Manager panel back in 2011.

Over 85% of people are happy to receive handwritten cards during Christmas.
Only 6% appreciate digital Christmas greetings cards.

The best way to leave positive memories about your company is to form an emotional bond. You have to do this by also not being intrusive. Also, when doing this you must pay particular attention to the methods you use to send your Season’s Greetings.
Let’s take as an example messaging on Facebook, Snapchat, and also WhatsApp. These are definitely some of the quickest and most convenient ways of wishing others well. However, they are also considered to be mediocre and very likely to be forgotten.

Personal handwritten cards, on the other hand, shows charisma and are also greatly appreciated – especially amongst the overload of digital messages.

In Germany, about 80% of all people look forward to receiving something handwritten in their mailboxes.

No Excuses

So you claim that you have doctors handwriting, and also you don’t have the tools to get the job done. Perhaps you just don’t have the time to write to your many hundreds or even thousands of customers.

Well, today must be your lucky day!

With Pensaki, all your Christmas card duties and also other special services will be taken care of. Have your cards specially designed and also handwritten with your own personalized message.

Perhaps we could interest you in a free handwriting sample.


5 Successful Tips To Get Your Handwritten Cards Appreciated On Christmas

1. Advertising is an absolute No.. No!

It is almost abusive to mix direct advertising with seasonal greetings. The sincerity of the handwritten cards is also pretty much lost as you are essentially portraying commercial intent. The recipient ends up remembering your business as just another corporate establishment looking to capitalize on Christmas.

2. E-cards are the plague!

Sending out electronic Christmas greetings can actually give off a negative impression towards your company. They also show that little effort was invested as they are fast and cheap. A high percentage of these e-cards will probably wind up in spam folders. That is definitely not the way you want your customers to remember you.

3. Make an impression!

If you are going to hand out handwritten cards, do it right. Don’t simply send off a card that wishes “Merry Christmas”. This makes the card just as impersonal as a spam email. Show your customers that you care enough to go the extra mile to write them a personal greeting. And also, make sure the design of the cards look great!

4. Better late than never!

In this case, it might as well be never. Timing is key. Most companies are too distracted and also preoccupied with other business commitments as the festive season approaches. Sending handwritten cards within the first week of December will assure your joyous wishes arrive in time for Christmas.

5. Handwritten fonts are no match for me!

There is also no compromising authentic handwriting styles with handwritten fonts picked from your drop-down menu. This is not the way to reach out to your customers on that personal level we keep talking about. There is a greater chance of the reader being more offended by your lack of effort.