Direct Mail – Handwritten Letters Are Making A Comeback!

Direct marketing has been around since as far back as 1000 B.C. It has also to this day, resulted in millions, or even billions invested in Direct Mailing Services. The biggest hurdle that companies have to jump over with their promo gear is to get it noticed! There are tons of marketing experts competing against each other. And so it is vital to have a unique strategy if you are going to get more leads.

What can you do that differs from everyone else’s Direct Mailing Services?

Handwritten Direct Mail.

It has been tried and tested. Handwritten direct mail has shown to provoke higher response rates. It is also more appealing than digital mail.

Digital marketing is currently leading the playing field. This is because billions of people have access to mobile devices. As a result, companies have no choice but to focus their attention on digital exploits. A great example of this is with the continued rise in Facebook advertising campaigns.

Defensive measures hamper digital Direct Mailing Services

It is not only the large companies at fault for the influx of Internet marketing. Small businesses are also having to make adjustments to reach their digitally savvy consumers.

There is also large amounts of force-fed promo material out there. As a result, consumers using the Internet finding it to be more of a hindrance. Consumers are also turning to automated ad blocking software to remove advertising from their lives.

Furthermore, marketers are also faced with the same dilemma when it comes to email marketing. The click rate in Germany has also dropped significantly in recent years. This is because 97% of marketing emails that reach consumer mailboxes are never opened.

This leaves digital marketers with a challenge to better strategize their means of generating leads. Imagine investing millions to specifically target a set group. And then finding out that your target audience never even acknowledge your message.

Recently, marketing teams have consistently been brainstorming ideas for ways to regain the attention of their targeted consumers. For example, handwritten marketing mediums have also begun to infiltrate Direct Mailing Services, as studies prove their effectiveness.

Handwritten letters are truly outstanding

A recent Canadian study examines the path in which companies can bring success to their marketing campaigns. And on behalf of the Canada Post, the study analyzed the reactions of people who received printed mail. What was also found is that consumers open and read printed mailing far more often than online mail.

Here are the results of the study based on group targeted offline Direct Mail Services:

  • 64% of consumers subsequently visited the sender’s website.
  • 47% investigated the business further.

Having said that, it is also still crucial to come up with a flawless strategy. This is so as to exceed with offline direct mailing services.

Here are a few pointers for a successful campaign:

  • A clear definition of the target group has to be made. The content of the printed marketing material also has to be relevant to the group.
  • Stay clear of generic advertising messages, as they also have the same impact as email marketing.
  • Make the most of handwritten elements because they also show to be more effective at touching on consumers emotions. A study commissioned by Paperblanks also revealed, 80% of Germans are thrilled to receive something handwritten in the mailbox.

Finally, increase the chances of your important marketing content getting read. Maybe by adding Pensaki’s personal touch to your messages. Think of Pensaki as the glue that brings the customers closer to you.