How BRF-kredit achieved a 90% response rate

How BRF-kredit achieved a 90% response rate with handwritten envelopes

The challenge: Reactivation of dormant customers in the financial services industry

Effective communication always requires an interaction. But getting a response is especially difficult in the context of  financially distressed customers. So how can you interact with them, to propose them an advantageous refinancing solution? They simply don’t open grey envelopes anymore.

This target group is known for not opening letters at all because of the psychological distress caused by the financial troubles they are facing. When the letters start to pile up, debtors tend to develop a certain fear of window envelopes.

The solution:

BRF-kredit replaced the traditional window envelope with one where the customer’s name and address is written in an employee’s handwriting and the company logo is not displayed on the envelope

The results:

BRF’s achieved an unparalleled response rate of 90%, i.e. the customers responded to the letter by contacting the local branch (N= 1300 cases)
BRF states that it has been able to bring those home-owners back on their feet because engaging with the bank saved them and the bank between 100 and 150 million Danish kroner (18-27 million USD).


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