80 Percent Of Germans Love To Receive Handwritten Letters

80 Percent Of Germans Love To Receive Handwritten Letters In The Digital Age

In our mostly digital world handwriting hasn’t been eliminated at all, although topics such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram being ever-present.

Recently Finland’s decision to remove cursive handwriting from the curriculum directed more attention to cursive and handwriting in general.

And now the results of a representative survey by Mafo.de (n= 1.000), commissioned by Paperblanks, raise hope for a veritable comeback of handwriting. The survey shines light on the written word in contrast to digital messages (18 to 65 years).

The study came to the following conclusions:

  • More than 50% would love to send handwritten letters
  • More than 80% would love to get more handwritten notes.
  • For more than 86% a handwritten note is more valuable than digital messages.
  • For more than 80% handwritten messages have a personal value–in contrast to digital messages.
  • Even 85% of those under 30 think that handwritten messages are something very valuable.
  • For those polled between the ages of 18 and 30, handwritten texts are something especially valuable.