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handwritten thank you note

The ROI of Handwritten Thank You Notes on Retention

Offering that personal touch to our customers after a purchase may seem like a small gesture, but…

80 percent of germans love to receive handwritten notes

80 Percent Of Germans Love To Receive Handwritten Letters

Especially digital natives love to receive handwritten notes.

Handwritten thank you notes Robot

Handwritten notes are critical in the thank-you-economy

Even small gestures, like a short handwritten thank you note can have a huge impact.

The Dark Side of (Poor) Marketing Automation - Handwriting makes a difference

The dark side of poor marketing automation

The more and more we automate, the more we have to deal with two key challenges.

startups leverage handwritten direct mail

How startups leverage handwritten notes

One of the most basic components of creating customer loyalty is by showing appreciation.

The biggest challenge of business events: getting response!

How a minor detail will increase your event invitation response rates to 40%

What happens when the evangelists, preachers and disciples of the digital revolution congregate…